The Year Of The GAMMA?

The Year Of The GAMMA?

VG6 3     By: Thomas Dixon   Photography provided by: VG6 Precision

“Not all muzzle devices are created the same.” This is what a small, thus far unknown shop in Anaheim California says about their VG6 Precision GAMMA hybrid comp/brake, and they are right.


          Upon first examination the noticeable fell and finish was the first thing that popped out to me. Made from 100% CNC machined 17-4ph Stainless steel, this device is can easily maintain its properties and mechanical integrity against temperatures up to and beyond 500˚F and has remarkable corrosion and chemical resistant properties. The surface hardness which is a result from its multi temperature precipitation cooling process is far above any other device on the market today. This results in a HRC68 or Rockwell hardness rating of 68 which is the same rating you will find on high rpm shafts for aerospace and industrial applications; (bottom line, HARD STUFF). How does this translate to the end user? Simple, longevity; most shooters will not put enough rounds through this device to see a failure.


          The black Nitride finish has a little gloss to it but I was assured by VG6 that this will fade to a nice flat finish after I show the brake a lot of love. The dimensions are identical to an A2 birdcage and attach to a standard ½ x 28 thread. This device is probably the most “engineered” device on the market. Using CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) VG6 has designed a device that will not only mitigate muzzle rise and recoil, but also assist in mitigating flash from the spent gasses exiting the barrel. They report that it is 70% brake and 30% comp.


          This is just the tech specs and basics, we plan on thoroughly testing all the claims that VG6 Precision has made and then some. So please be on the lookout for a future article.  This company is young and already producing high end products at a menial price point (I will get to that). Keep your eyes and ears open for VG6 as they will soon be making waves in the industry. You can get yours now at the link below for a mere price of $94.00 with shipping included. You get a $150 – $200 device for under a $100, so go check them out and tell them Tactical Milsim Magazine sent you.

Manufacturer info and retail website:
Dealers, resellers, and AR-15 manufactuers:

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