Looking for a challenge? Hatchet Force is your huckleberry.

Looking for a challenge? Hatchet Force is your huckleberry.

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You may have read a little bit about Hatchet Force in the August ’09 Issue of Tactical Milsim Magazine. Well, the time has come again for the annual Hatchet Force Team Challenge (HFTC). If you think you got what it takes to come down to sunny Southern California and win our trophy, then by all means, “lets get it on”.

About the Hatchet Force Team Challenge
The Hatchet Force Team Challenge is an annually held, team-based, invite-only, tactical-simulation competition. It is designed to push teams to their mental and physical limits. It consists of objectives that require the use of a wide variety of skills and teamwork, all of which Hatchet Force regularly trains on. No task in the HFTC is one that we have not completed ourselves. Each team will have a Hatchet Force observer attachment, who will be scoring them as they complete tasks including:

  • Live Fire Exercise (Real Weapons)
    • Pistol
    • Rifle (5.56mm / AR Variant)
    • Long gun/Sniper
  • Ropes Course
    • Knot Tying
      • Swiss Seat
      • Water Knot
      • Prusik
      • And More…
    • Rappel
  • Land Navigation
    • Compass/Azimuth
    • Map/Grid (UTM Nad27)
    • 25 square km AO
  • Combat Simulation Exercises (Airsoft Weapons)
    • Resupply Request (Grid)
    • Reconnaissance
    • SALUTE Reports
    • Combat Patrol
    • Reaction/Movement to Contact
    • Attack/Defend/Ambush
  • And much more…

This is a not-for-profit event, but admission is required to cover costs, including T-Shirts and a hot meal ready when you get back. Each year the winning team goes home with the Hatchet Force Team Challenge “ArrowHead” trophy and will get their names engraved on it forever. The winners keep the trophy until the following year, when a new set of teams competes. The winning team is allowed to attend the following year for free as OPFOR.

Upcoming HFTC Information
The 2010 Hatchet Force Team Challenge (HFTC III) is scheduled for 20-22 August, 2010. It is going to be held in a remote area of Southern California. As usual, there will be a live-fire range, rappelling course, plenty of land navigation and all kinds of Hatchet Force style surprises just to keep everyone on their toes. If you think you or your team has what it takes, sign up and show us what you got.

How to Participate
Hatchet Force is looking for motivated individuals and teams. If you don’t have a full team but still want to put your intestinal fortitude to the test, you can sign up as OPFOR. Head on over to our website to apply: http://hatchetforce.com/hftc

Want to take it to the next level? HFTC is only the beginning. Sign up for the Hatchet Force Qualification Course, 1 weekend a month for 9 months, starting September 11, 2010. Only the most dedicated individuals will pass. For more information visit: http://hatchetforce.com/selection-process

About Hatchet Force
We are a California based group of tactically trained individuals with varying backgrounds from military, law enforcement, martial arts, and stunts. We have appeared in various films, television/stunt shows, documentaries, and airsoft events.

Team training is scheduled on a regular basis and is extremely challenging, mentally and physically. If this is not your idea of fun, then Hatchet Force is probably not for you. If you think you got what it takes… sign up!

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