In Honor of SGT Faith R. Hinkley

In Honor of SGT Faith R. Hinkley

On 7 August 2010, SGT Faith R. Hinkley paid the ultimate sacrifice when she died of wounds sustained during a rocket attack on her operations base in Northern Babil, Iraq. A former High School cheerleader and clarinetist in the marching band, she was also the youngest female Soldier in the Army’s finest Human Intelligence Platoon. She represents the very best in every American who lives and breathes under the blanket of freedom that she fought and died to protect and maintain.

“She was one of my best and brightest, possessing infinite potential as a future leader in the United States Army. Her strength and courage will inspire me for the rest of my life, and her spirit lives on amongst those who continue to fight for freedom. She will always be my Soldier.”

– 1LT Steve Gluck, HUMINT Platoon Leader

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  • Major B P Gluck
    23 August, 2010

    God Speed Sgt Hinkley

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