Roman Wroclawski needs our help!

Roman Wroclawski needs our help!

Roman Wroclawski is to be turned over to the U.S Marshall’s on 1-16-2013. Roman was the coach for Olympic Gold Medalist Rulon Gardener in 2008. Roman has been seeking Political Asylum from the Polish Government after speaking out against the government in a book. The Polish government in retaliation has filed trumped up charges for white color crimes which in 1997 had a statue of limitations of just 5 years. However, in 2007 they changed it to 25 years while all over statues for murder, robbery, etc. remained the same. It is clear that this communist regime it trying to silence Roman and make an example so that other will not speak out the truth.

Wasn’t America founded against the very oppression. Yet our government stands ready to turn him over. Please read all of the following information including the bottom that outlines Roman’s story line by line and lets get everyone involved!

Here is an article from 2008.

A judge released a top U.S. Olympic wrestling coach from federal custody Thursday so that he could help the team prepare for the Summer Games in Beijing.

Flanked by family and friends, Roman Wroclawski walked out of U.S. District Court in Phoenix after spending seven months in a private prison in Florence, where he had been held at the request of Polish authorities on claims that he falsified loan documents and embezzled money from companies he owned in Poland in the early 1990s.

Magistrate Michelle Burns agreed with Wroclawski’s argument that special circumstances existed for his release pending an extradition hearing later this summer. Those circumstances included testimony that wrestlers and future Olympians needed his expertise at the mat; he was of low flight risk; and the Polish government had yet to explain why it sought extradition more than 11 years after initial charges were filed, when Wroclawski had been living openly in the U.S. since 1993.

An extradition hearing has been set for August. Attorney Michael Reeves said he plans to argue that the statute of limitations has run out for the reputed crimes.

Wroclawski said the charges “don’t make sense” and are political payback for his speaking out against the Polish government.

A native of Poland, Wroclawski won a world championship in Greco-Roman wrestling in 1982. The feat gave him celebrity status and an audience with Pope John Paul II. In the following years, he wrote a book criticizing Poland and the treatment of athletes by East European countries.

Wroclawski was visiting the U.S. on a temporary visa in the mid-1990s when the Polish government charged him with treason. His then-attorney convinced the court that Wroclawski was a victim of political persecution, and he was granted permanent residency.

Wroclawski subsequently became entrenched in wrestling culture in the U.S. and shared his Greco-Roman expertise with promising young athletes. At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, he coached American wrestler Rulon Gardner to gold. It was one of the biggest upsets in Olympic history when Gardner beat undefeated Russian champion Alexander Karelin.

A courtroom of friends and athletes spent Wednesday afternoon trying to convince Burns that Wroclawski is one of several top Greco-Roman coaches in the nation and that time was running out: The Olympic trials for wrestling begin June 14 in Las Vegas.

“Roman has students waiting for him to be released,” Steve Fraser, USA Wrestling head coach, wrote in a letter to Burns. “Our sport will only benefit from Roman’s coaching; it will likely be hampered by his continued incarceration.”

Wroclawski’s absence at the mat in recent months has perhaps been felt most acutely by Jeff Funicello, a Gilbert resident who has trained with him for more than 14 years. Funicello, 37, is set for his fourth, and likely last, Olympic wrestling trial in just over a week.

Wroclawski is on house arrest, but he may attend coaching sessions and travel to the trials and the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs, Colo., as part of his release conditions. He was fitted Thursday with an electronic monitoring bracelet.

Funicello plans to hit the gym today to fine-tune moves with help from Wroclawski. The pair are hopeful for the Games and Wroclawski’s future.

“We won round one; round two is next,” Funicello said.

Read more:

The situation was a systematic progression of a school yard scrap.

– Roman Wroclawski, aspiring young athlete is permitted travel with a VISA as representative on Polish National Wrestling Team.
– Roman competes internationally and starts (sporting good/attire) business in Poland developed over years of having VISA into west.
– Roman wins 1982 World Title, and becomes National hero.
– The business grows enormously as Roman is now a National icon.
– The business grows too large to stay under the radar of Mob &Political Police called the “Shantage.” Roman doesn’t cooperate with “Shantage” (Political Police) and avoids “doing favors” for the regime for protection. He told me he was a national hero and didn’t want to take part in any “mob” activity.
– Prior to the 1983 World Championships, Roman’s passport is ceased as punishment for no cooperation.
– Roman gets passport back for 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles as he was a likely Gold medal winner after beating all in his category and weight above throughout the year. However, Soviets forced all communist countries into boycott.
-Roman competes in 1988 Olympics in Seoul Korea, where he places but doesn’t medal.
-Roman phases out of competition and into more of a coaching role and continues with sporting good business.
-Roman enters into political realm, criticizing the corruption in Poland. Roman runs for Congress in 1993 as an independent endorsed by the Labor Union Party.
-Elections were close in running, but Roman’s sarcasm caused controversy in the country.
-Roman starts to write the book “Czy Prawda, or “This Is True.”
-1993/1994 Roman’s business was ceased and all his assets were taken. Over 2 million (~worth in US Dollars) was taken by Polish government.
-Roman narrowly escapes imprisonment and escapes into Germany through borders.
-March 15th, 1994 Roman and his family come to the United States with nothing but the clothes on their backs.
-1994/1995 Roman starts coaching American wrestlers: Jeff Funicello & Rulon Gardener, as well as other US athletes at the US Olympic Training Center.
-Roman is Time Magazine’s Poet of the Year for his Olympic Poem.
-1996 Roman finishes and publishes book called “Czy Prawda,” or “This Is True.” (In English). It outs the corruption of Polish under the communist regime. It divulges information as to how Politics are intertwined with the mafia, military and sports federations. The sports federations run by Polish mob are stepping stone positions to a higher up government position. Roman blows the whistle on political figures who were involved in orgies, taking bribes, theft, & mafia strong-arming.
President – Kwasniswski
President & Prime Minister – Kaczycznski
Prime Minister – Lester Miller
Prime Minister – Olksy
Prime Minister – Pawlak
Prime Minister & Senator – Cinoczewicz
and more………………………….
The list of political high ups that were mentioned in an outlawed book goes on and on.
Presidents, Vice Presidents, Prime Ministers, Vice Prime Ministers, Generals, Senators, Congressmen……
-Roman’s Book is outlawed in Poland and in Russia (and is currently).
-Polish athletes warn Roman &myself of vengeance from high up. Quote: “Roman should not have wrote this book.” “He will have many problems because of it.”
-Roman applies for Political Asylum.
-1997 Roman takes Polish Government to international court in Strasbourg, Austria for illegal ceasing of his business and assets. Case frozen.
-2000 Rulon Gardener wins Olympic Gold Medal for the USA, with Roman’s coaching. The Eastern block is dumbfounded that the unbeatable “Russian Experiment” could be beaten by an American.
-Rulon wins 2001 World Championships.
-2002 Roman works with US Army Team and Dremele Byers US Army Heavyweight.
-2002 Byers wins World Championships.
-Polish newspapers in Chicago (3.5 Million Polish people in Chicago~the same population as Warsaw) continually shine lime lights on Roman’s new American life and American successes, taunting and slapping the faces of the Powers that be in Poland.
-Roman and Jeff work with military and US Special Operations teams in advanced hand-to-hand combative tactics.
-2007 Roman is accused of white collar crimes from 1993 in Poland. ~14 years after the alleged crime takes place under a different political regime, Roman is accused of a minor white collar crimes such as: Falsification of documents to obtain credit for a loan (which was dropped by US judges), and embezzlement (current battle). The alleged crime supposedly took place in 1993, and had a 1969 statute of limitation of 5 years. In 1997 the statute remained 5 years. In 2007 the new statute of limitations the alleged crime now has a statute of 25 years.
-Roman was incarcerated for 10 months waiting for an extradition hearing.
-Roman was released to work with US Olympic athletes prior to the 2008 trials and Olympics, and continue his work with military forces.
-Court battle after court battle, Roman’s case lost with the 9th circuit judge.
-Roman must turn himself into the US Marshall’s on 1/16/13.

He fears for his life.

This is a political vendetta.

The key to having the US stop the extradition are Polish human rights violations, and the statute of limitations.

Polish statutes are as follows: (Note: nothing changes except for white collar crimes in 2007, which now has a longer statute than 2nd degree murder). Why?

1st degree murder: 30 years
2nd degree murder: 20 years
manslaughter: 15 years
Robbery: 10 years
White Collar crimes: 5 years

1st degree murder: 30 years
2nd degree murder: 20 years
manslaughter: 15 years
Robbery: 10 years
White Collar crimes: 5 years

1st degree murder: 30 years
2nd degree murder: 20 years
manslaughter: 15 years
Robbery: 10 years
White Collar crimes: 25 years

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