Partner Opportunities

Due to the extreme punishing demands of tactical environment, we routinely choose and use only the best equipment available during our training and deployment. We understand the importance of promoting quality equipment in training, and our marketing strategies can increase your brand loyalty and help secure the demand for future products.

Product Review & Development

TACSIM Product reviewsTACSIM Media Group provides a unique opportunity allow a third party (TACSIM) to review your products and assist in identifying and targeting those who will benefit the most. TACSIM will of course test your products and provide insight into areas for improvement. For products that hold up, You can sponsor the demo of your products at events and training courses that we are invited to review. This opportunity places your products, as well as someone willing to truthfully stand behind it, in front of potential customers that will witness your product in action. We will not promote or demonstrate what we don’t believe in.

Training Organizations

TACSIM Training ReviewsEveryone at TACSIM is hand picked for their ability to put aside their own knowledge and habits to review alternate methods of training without prejudice. By allowing our personnel to attend your course as a student, we can develop a review of your course not just as some special guest but as student eager to learn and take everything you can throw at them. Once the course is over, TACSIM will develop an in depth article, detailing your course without giving away the secrets of your success.

Events & Conferences

TACSIM routinely covers various events around the country. TACSIM can help promote your next event and work with your team to develop a successful marketing strategy.

Online Marketing

We at TACSIM are very fortunate that we have on our staff some of the best professional digital marketing specialists on the Internet. Prior to joining the TACSIM family, they have worked with major corporations across the US with outstanding results. This opportunity allows TACSIM to develop successful digital marketing campaigns by those who understand the industry and who is willing to hang their reputation right out their along side yours.

Please remember that any pictures, video, or articles produced by TACSIM are the property of TACSIM and will be provided to you. We only ask that you credit TACSIM Media Group if you wish to republish or use any of the media that we provide.

Contact Marketing@TacticalMilSim.com for more information about partnering with TACSIM Media Group.

TACSIM Online Magazine

TACSIM MagazineTactical MilSim Magazine, better known as TACSIM, is the first online publication of its kind—no other magazine has dedicated itself to the law enforcement, military simulation and training community. Our staff, hand selected by U.S. Army Ranger MSG (Ret.) Howard “Mad Max” Mullen, is comprised of highly regarded professionals from law enforcement and military special operations.

As the global war on terror perseveres, many military and law enforcement professionals continue to search for better, more cost-effective ways to develop and maintain their tactical skills. As a result, the tactical training community is now experiencing tremendous growth with military and law enforcement personnel exploring various types of training technologies for close contact force-on-force training. And you can find them in TACSIM Magazine!

Advertising Opportunities

There are many opportunities to just advertise with TACSIM Media Group:

Advertising on TacticalMilSim.com

  • 120×120 Banner (Side Bar) = $99.00/mo
  • 120×300 Banner (Side Bar) = $199.00/mo
  • 728×90 Banner (Footer) = $399.00/mo
  • 920×400 Banner (Main Slider) = $699.00/mo

Note: Banners should be created at 72dpi and be either a .gif or .jpg.

Advertising in TACSIM Magazine (Quarterly Online Issues)

  • Inside Cover (8.625 x 11.125) = $699.00 (Per Issue)
  • Back Cover (8.625 x 11.125) = $499.00 (Per Issue)
  • Full Page (8.625 x 11.125) = $399.00 (Per Issue)
  • 1/2 Page (4.825 x 11.125) = $199.00 (Per Issue)

Note: Ads should be created at 300dpi and be either a .tif or high resolution .pdf.

Advertising in TACSIM Videos

  • Title Sponsor = $699.00 (Per Video)
  • Credit Logo = $299.00 (Per Video)

Note: Contact us for information and pricing for a dedicated video of your products.

Co-Promotion Opportunities

From time to time we sponsor events, sell apparel, and other items. When these opportunities arise we may contact you and work out a marketing plan that will benefit all involved.

Contact Marketing@TacticalMilSim.com for more information on becoming a TACSIM Advertising Partner.

What Our Readers are Saying

“I would like to begin by saying that this last edition of Tactical Mil-Sim Magazine is one of the best I have read yet. I am thoroughly excited for what is to come. I attend the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY. As one of the five federal service academies, our midshipman graduate with a four year degree with a B.S. in Engineering or Maritime Transportation, receive a US Coast Guard License to sail on Commercial Vessels, and receive a military commission into Active or Reserve for any of the military branches. In the past three years, the academy has created a rather competitive Mil-Sim Team. The team has a membership of over 30 young men and fields at least two squads of 6 men and one command squad of 5 for most events. It is the mission the USMMA Airsoft Team to encourage and facilitate the proper military training through Airsoft operations, while emphasizing the importance to unit cohesion and personal strength. The team utilizes Airsoft as an effective training tool for military simulations and recognizes the importance of training in the context of the military. With that being said, I would like to say it is an honor to have someone as experienced as you representing the Mil-Sim Community and I can speak for my team when I say that we are all excited as to the future of our training and the sport of Mil-Sim.” – Midshipman Ryan

I’m the commanding officer of a mil-sim team and I really wanted to expand and let everyone know that we like to play here too. We are very set on military simulation so why not publish articles in the best mil-sim magazine ever? – Mike (New York)

“I am sending this message because we would like to advertise for you on our website, myspace and newsletter. I have read your articles and really support all that you do.” – Jay (Maryland)

“Thank you very much for that incredibly fast turn around. I received my copy today. Nice to see the magazine back. I haven’t had much chance to read yet but I saw the review of Sasha and had to tell you. My wife’s name is Sasha and she has a real steel AK-47 that she named Sasha Jr so she and I found that article very heart warming. Keep up the great work. I’m looking forward to seeing more. ” – Travis

“Many thanks for the magazine!! The only thing that is in my hands is to congratulate for your quality and to brighten by the shared philosophy about mil-sim. This has been a huge surprise!!!” – Jaime (Spain)


Digital Footprint

Despite the relatively new TACSIM website developed in late 2009, our SEO team has dramatically increased our visibility. This graph illustrates a balanced of traffic, from direct access, links from other referring sites, and effective placement in the search engines in under two weeks. With a bounce rate under 25% and average of 4.9 pages viewed by each visitor, TACSIM is attracting a lot of attention.
TacSim Website Statistics

Online Magazine Stats

TACSIM demographics include males 18 to 40 years of age in the US. 81% of our readers have a military or law enforcement background. By 2011, we reached production levels of 6500 issues distributed to our subscriber base as well as various stores such as Borders, Barnes & Nobles, and Books-A-Million. However in 2012 we have transitioned to an online magazine in order to offer more digital media services. In 2013 our primary focus changed to support and promote the success of our clients above ourselves by providing additional services to increase the visibility of our clients.