Operation Red Circle.

Tactical Milsim Magazine in Conjunction with AlphaKnight Milsim are partnering up to offer you a 20% discount for the first 5 preregisters using the code TACSIM20 and a 10% discount for the following 20 using TACSIM10 (please note that codes are case sensitive, must be all upper case) For more information go to . Don’t forget to find TACSIM booth at…

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Most Lethal – Spike TV

We live in a high threat world – a global battlefield against enemies who will stop at nothing to inflict terror. Battles are fought with sophisticated technology, but the most effective weapons are flesh and blood – elite warriors who are trained to defeat any enemy at any time or place. The military calls them…

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Marines Compete in Airsoft Tournament

Marine Corps News | LCpl. Katie Mathison JACKSONVILLE, N.C. – Despite the rain and cool temperatures, approximately 25 people dressed in cammies, flight suits and even ghillie suits, carrying machine guns, assault rifles and pistols competed in an airsoft tournament at Sportsman’s Lodge here Jan. 26. A few of the participants were Camp Lejeune Marines…

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