TACSIM Media Group is operated by professional civilian, law enforcement, and special operations personnel who are dedicated to helping others in harms way. TACSIM Media Group works with organizations in order to review, evaluate, and promote their products or services through various events, our online Tactical MilSim Magazine, and through social and digital marketing strategies.

Over the last few years, Tactical MilSim Magazine has grown from a vision inspired by Steve Keary into a successful media organization dedicated to the military and tactical community. The vision was simple:

“To Provide a Professional Resource for Tactical Training & Simulation without prejudice to system or style .”

Over the summer of 2009, MSG (Ret.) H. “Mad Max” Mullen, a highly respected U.S. Army Ranger/ Instructor, took over the magazine. MSG Mullen and his hand picked staff share a wide range of professional backgrounds from military special operations to law enforcement special weapons and tactics. These professionals have come together with a one goal:

“To assist the tactical community in promoting effective equipment and training,
and to provide information that will assist
organizations with in the development of new products or services.”

In order to meet these goals, TACSIM Media Group offers an online magazine geared toward providing information, reviews, and stories that will increase longevity; an interactive website for sharing and releasing time sensitive information; videos that will help inform and entertain our viewers; and successful digital marketing strategies to get the word out.