The New C2 Taser

The New C2 Taser

By Barry Jenkins

Benefits of the C2 Taser

There have been several articles written about the benefits of tasers in protecting people’s personal safety. How much do you know about tasers? Have you considered whether this versatile item is the right self defense tool for you? This article will help educate you on the important facts of taser use and help you to decide if a taser can help keep you safe.

What is a Taser?

A taser is an effective self defense tool that has a long history of protecting individual citizens and law enforcement personnel. The word “taser” is actually an acronym that has been adopted to replace the tools actual name – the “Thomas A. Swift Electric Rifle”.

How do Tasers Work?

Tasers are a hands off alternative to brute force and do not require direct contact between the potential victim and their attacker. The effect of the taser can be deployed from several feet away, sending small, non-invasive electrodes at the attacker. These electrodes then deliver a pulsating electric current, leaving the attacker unable to commit any further acts of violence.

What are the biggest Advantages that Tasers offer?

Tasers offer several significant advantages which contribute to this item’s popularity. First, because tasers send electrodes over a distance of several feet, they allow the potential victim to stop their attacker long before any physical contact is made. This increases the chances for an escape and reduces the likely-hood that the would-be victim will suffer any harm.

Also, tasers are an easy to use self defense tool that requires no excessive strength or skill. This means that tasers allow women, the elderly, and anyone else not trained in hand to hand combat to successful protect themselves in the face of an attack.

Finally, tasers are one of the safest self defense tools for everyone involved. Not only do they provide superior defense for the would-be victim, they also function as a restraining device that requires no brute force. This means that tasers are also safe for the attacker and any innocent bystanders.

The C2 Taser

One of the most common questions asked by those interested in purchasing a taser, is “which product is the best?” Of course, your personal choice will depend on your specific needs, but a good item to start with is the Taser C2.

The Taser C2 is a premier taser product designed specifically for personal protection. Using a system of compressed nitrogen, the Taser C2 sends two small probes over an outstanding distance of 15 feet. These probes are connected to the handheld unit by insulated and reinforced wiring that not only withstands wear and tear, but also protects the user and bystanders from electrical shock.

Further contributing to the C2 Taser’s amazing reputation is the unit’s ability to penetrate through up to 2 inches of clothing. This means that no matter what clothing the attacker is wearing, even a heavy winter coat will not stop the C2 Taser from helping you defend yourself.

A great place to find C2 Tasers and a variety of other Taser products is at This company offers a wide variety of items, including tasers, and provides consumers with education on self defense. In addition to the online resources, BLJ’s Enterprises supplies its customers with personal attention to help ensure that they receive the self defense tool that is right for them.


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