SB 798 is alive and well!

SB 798 is alive and well!

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California SB 798 is still going strong, but representatives in the California State General Assembly are playing games! Sen. de Leon, author of the bill, heard the overwhelming objections about forcing airsoft, pellet and BB guns to be either clear or brightly colored and changed SB 798.

He’s rewritten the bill and is leaving it up to individual cities and counties to make laws similar (or more restrictive) than his original  bill proposed. SB 798 has become a permission slip for any county or city to force  all airsoft, BB and pellet guns in an area to be clear or brightly colored.

Now you’re legal. Now you’re not. Now you are. Now you’re not….
If SB 798 passes, you won’t have a clue when your airsoft, BB or pellet guns are legal. Let’s say you live in a county where your black guns are legal. You pack them up to go some place else to shoot. If you pass through a city or county where the law says your black guns are illegal, you’re breaking the law! If you get stopped by a cop for any reason, you’ll be in trouble for having a black gun.

The really scary part is that you’ll NEVER know when your guns are legal and when they’re not. No one can keep up with all the laws being passed in every county and city. By the way, that’s the WHOLE POINT of SB 798!

You KNOW where this is going!
The only reason Sen. de Leon changed the bill is to make it extremely difficult for shooters like you to have black guns. He’s betting you’ll just give up your guns due to the confusion of a patchwork of laws that could quickly change.

This comes down to one thing: intimidation. Sen. de Leon wants you to be so scared that you’ll give up your guns and start chasing butterflies…or anything else that doesn’t involve shooting.

A quick refresher on SB 798
SB 798 was originally proposed because of an unfortunate incident involving a young airsoft shooter who was shot by a police officer because the boy refused to drop his airsoft gun when confronted by the officer. It was nighttime, and the youth made a move with his gun instead of dropping it. In self-defense, the officer shot the boy.

It was a bad situation caused by the mistaken judgement of a child.

Where will you buy your guns?
If your city or county decides they won’t allow black guns, where will you buy your guns? Small, local stores that now cater to your needs will just fold up and go away. They’ll move to another county or city where black guns are allowed. Don’t think for a minute that manufacturers are going to start making all their guns with clear or brightly colored bodies to suit your city or county! That would be extremely expensive to accommodate just a few shooters in a few areas.

What about online stores? That’s a dead-end, too. They regularly search for new laws to be sure they’re complying legally. If your ZIP Code says you’re in a city or county that doesn’t allow black guns, no one will ship one to you because the mail order dealer could be sued by the city or county whose laws have been violated.

Got a black gun? You could be fined & your guns confiscated. Or worse.
If you don’t stop SB 798, California cities and counties can start passing bills that make your black guns illegal. You could be fined and have your guns confiscated…or worse. You won’t know when you’re legal and when you’re not until some cop stops you and tells you that you’re breaking the law.

Look at your collection. Want it to disappear? It might UNLESS you ACT NOW!

Bottom line: STOP SB 798 from passing or find another hobby.

Don’t live in CA? You’re not off the hook!
Don’t live in California? Sign our petition to show your support. If SB 798 passes, the movement to restrict black gun ownership could gain momentum. Your city, county or state could be next. Don’t be caught saying, “I should have signed that petition.” You’ve got one chance. This is it. Do the right thing!

Here’s how:
1. Click here to download a letter that you can send to Senator de Leon and your own California representatives about SB 798.
2. Fill out this form, and we’ll send a petition on your behalf to every member of the California State Assembly.

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