New Tactical Primary Airborne Course

New Tactical Primary Airborne Course


Tactical Primary Airborne SF-10A Qualification Course

March 2013

Location: Dunnellon Airport, X35, Dunnellon, FL

Course Starts: 0800, 11 Mar 13,

Course Ends: 1200 16 Mar 13, Sun 17th is a Weather Day and for Straphangers.

This Tactical Primary Airborne Training Course is designed for those who have not jumped before and want to combine jump training with modern military simulated tactics.  This will qualify the student on the SF-10 Canopy as well as participation in military simulation events. The SF-10A canopy is the U.S. Army’s newest steerable parachute for low-level assault. It is the canopy in the MC-6 Parachute System.

Due due the safety requirements, we will be utilizing Airsoft simulation systems for all military simulated scenarios.

This course includes includes:

  • Primary Airborne Training for 1st Jump Students, (No Night Jumps)
  • SF-10A Qualification and Packing Instruction on the MC-1 SF-10A parachute system,
  • 6 Jumps, 3 from a Cessna 180, (Two Jumpers, Single Tapout ) & 3 from the C-47, 2 Slick, 1 w/ Drop Bag.

All jumps will be from 2,500 feet, unless there is a weather problem.

The minimum jump altitude is 1,250 feet.

Items provided:

  • NPTC’s Primary Airborne Training manual
  • Main, SF10A
  • Reserve, T-10R, SLCP MIRPS.
  • A 6 inch Hook Knife (yours to keep)
  • Equipment Bag for Last Jump.
  • Lunch, catered on the DZ, Tue-Sat.
  • Certificate of Accomplishment, (Draft attached)
  • “Jump into History” certificate, (Draft attached)
  • NPTC’s distinctive “Xperimental” Jump Wings

(20% Discount on any NPTC, in stock equipment purchased during the course)

Required Equipment:

  • Rifle (For safety reasons we will only allow Airsoft simulated weapons)
  • Full seal goggles
  • Military Style Gloves
  • Military style Field Gear
  • Military style Ruck Sack
  • Military style Helmet
  • Military style Uniform & Boots
  • Cot or Air Mattress, Sleeping Bag, Blanket


Cost: $950.US,

Price is discounted $50 if you make a non-refundable $100 deposit by 01 Jan 13, and pay in full the balance of $800.00 by 01 Feb 13.

We have planned 20 slots for the course. A minimum of 12 slots must be filled to conduct the course.

If you want to hold a Slot in the Course let Maj. Mathews know and we’ll send you a PayPal invoice for the $100.

The first 20 deposits are guaranteed a Slot & 6 Jumps, 3 from the C-47.
Additional Services:

There may also be an opportunity to earn your Italian Military Jump Wings. If the Jump Master is available we will provide more information as we find out.

We will have Video available at a nominal charge.


We will have camping on site in both a military temper tent and the hanger. A shower is available as well as a mircowave and refrigerator.
We will cater lunch Tuesday through Sunday. The rest of the meals are your responsibility. You will be released for dinner at 6pm each evening. Lights out is at 11pm.

The best airport for prices, number of flights and drive time to Dunnellon, is Orlando, MCO. It is about 90 miles and a one and 1 Half Hour drive. There are plenty of rental cars. We can arrange to pick people up at the airport, there will be a small cost of $35.

Note: *should the C-47, Tico Belle, not be available due to maintenance, it will be replaced with a SkyVan.

Visit for more information.

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