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Breakaway Paintball is proud to be an Authorized MilSim Corps Field. Read below for more information about this new scenario paintball league.

Want to play in the ultimate scenario league?

Play in the new team versus team scenario league.

Play true mission style scenarios to complete real objectives.

Play mission scenarios that lead to the next scenario and never play the same game twice.

Play at your local paintball field and qualify for National Championships without having to travel.

Play with the exclusive and only ArmBand Scoring™ system that tracks when you shoot a player…during the game.

And…Never pay team entry fees!

This is the only scenario league of its kind…

MilSim Corps™ Paintball League
About The League

The MilSim Corps™ is a mission style, team on team scenario paintball league where teams play locally with no team entry fees and no need to travel. The league is able to rank teams nationally for championships and track player stats for rank advancement.

The Scenario
Each year, the MilSim Corps™ develops a new war theme, called the “Operation.”

For each “Operation”, the league creates 6 new scenario games called “Missions.”

Each Mission is different and leads from one Mission to the next.

The Mission Day
Each Game Day, or “Mission Day”, your team will play a new Mission against another team so that your team will play the 6 Missions of the “Operation” on 6 different dates.

Each “Mission Day” is set up in a unique 3 game format to allow each team to play both sides of the Mission with an additional final battle.

Game 1:
– Team A will be the “Mission Team” and will try to complete the Mission
– Team B will be the “Patrol Team” and will try to stop Team A from completing the Mission

Game 2: (The teams switch sides)
– Team B will be the “Mission Team” and will try to complete the Mission
– Team A will be the “Patrol Team” and will try to stop Team B from completing the Mission

Game 3:
This game, called “Ambush”, was developed by the MilSim Corps™ and will have a Dummy Soldier in the middle. Both teams will compete to rescue the soldier and will have unlimited ammo. The purpose of this game is an all out, shoot out battle, and the Soldier in the middle will keep teams within shooting range!

Click to view the Ambush Game Instructions

The Missions

Click to view a sample Mission Map

Mission Briefing
There will be a meeting with both teams prior to the Mission Day starting. During the Mission Briefing, the Field Ref will read the Mission and will hand each team their Mission Orders. The Mission Orders will have the objectives for the Mission and which team is the Mission Team for the first game.

Mission Start
The Mission Team will start huddled together by the Reinforcements Box.
The Patrol Team will be on patrol and may position themselves anywhere in the field.

Mission Objectives
Each Mission has four objectives to be completed by the Mission Team.
The objectives are: Main, Communication, Demolition and Sniper

1. Main Objective – This objective is completed per the Mission Orders received at the Mission Briefing and is different for each Mission. You never play the same scenario twice! Missions vary from hostage rescue to missile disarm.

2. Communication Objective – A player will carry the Field Phone to a specified location, get the Coordinates and transmit the Coordinates using the Field Phone. A Field Ref will have the receiver unit and will verify that the correct coordinates were sent and the objective was completed. The location is different for each Mission and will be provided on Mission Day in your Mission Orders.

3. Demolition Objective – A player will carry a Bomb Unit to a specified target, place the Bomb at the target and initiate the Bomb. The bomb may only be reset by a Field Ref to verify the objective was completed. The Demolition objective is a different structure and location for each Mission.

4. Sniper Objective – A player will receive special colored paintballs and must shoot a specified enemy soldier. There will be a Dummy strategically placed in the field. The player must locate the Dummy and shoot it with the special colored paintballs. The Field ref will verify the target was shot to verify the objective was completed. The Patrol Team will know the location of the Sniper Target and will be defending it as “one of their own.”

As you can see, each Mission has a main objective with three additional objectives in every scenario to provide for an action packed game with unlimited strategic planning opportunities. Teams can roll together to complete one objective at a time, teams can split up to complete each objective separately or any other strategies in between. How will your team complete your objectives?

The Championships
Each Mission is scored at the field and the scores are uploaded to the League Database. The top 10 percent of teams at each field will be invited to the Regional Championships. The winners from the Regionals will be invited to the Nationals. There will be a World Championship every two years.

The ArmBand Scoring™ System
This is the newest and most exciting development in scenario paintball!

To create the ultimate scenario experience with real player roles and real assigned objectives, the MilSim Corps™ has developed the exclusive, patent pending ArmBand Scoring™ System for our scenario paintball games.

This new system is able to track the number of hits and losses for each team, what player roles were hit and even score the actions of a Team Medic. The Armbands are used to track player stats for rank advancement and awards. The scoring system also calculates a team’s Battlefield Ratio to compare the effectiveness of each team for each Mission and provide for Performance Analysis.

Earning Ranks and Awards
The ArmBand Scoring™ System also allows the league to offer players the only ranking system of its kind. Ranks and Awards are earned just like in the military, based on experience and success. You start as a Recruit and advance in ranks through General, how fast you advance depends on how well you perform.

Cost to Play
The cost of the League Membership is $99 per year. And that’s it. There are no additional team entry fees to play any of the Missions nor for Regional, National or World Championships. The annual membership covers all.

Players will still pay the normal playing costs at the field such as field fees, paintballs, air, rentals, etc. but there are no entry fees for games. Just show up, give your Player ID and play.

Joining the League
Joining the league is simple and can be done online with the application.

After you become a league member, you’ll create (or join) a Team and select a playing field. Then show up to the next Mission date, give your Player ID and start playing.

For more membership information and the online application, see Player Registration

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