First Ever Mass Tactical Airborne Course & Event – Airborne MilSim

First Ever Mass Tactical Airborne Course & Event – Airborne MilSim

Dunnellon, FL. (21 Jan 2013) – Airborne MilSim announces its first in a series of airborne qualification courses. This landmark course will qualify up to 20 students on the SF-10A canopy used by special operations for low level assaults. The 6 day course will cover various aspects of tactical airborne operations to include team organization, ground tactics, canopy control and steering, emergency procedures, and proper parachute landing fall technique. Airborne MilSim students will learn to jump with a full equipment load and will drop into an active mil-sim event, sponsored by Mindgame Productions, to accomplish their mission. “To be part of the first mass tactical jump into a mil-sim event will be a once of a life time event, “commented Mark Anderson, Executive Director of TACSIM Media group and cofounder of Airborne MilSim.

Airborne MilSim represents the pinnacle of the mil-sim experience. Airborne MilSim will also feature VIP’s like Jumpmaster and Ranger MSG(ret.) Madmax Mullen, Special Forces COL(ret.) Paul Longgrear, CPT Spinelli of the Italian Airborne, Igor Doboff of the Russian Airborne and several other veterans of the special operations community. Even Ranger Hall of Fame inductee Gary O’Neil is rumored to make an appearance. “This is an opportunity to earn an experience of a life time that will create not only a bond amongst the students but also with the cadre,” Mark went on to explain.

Airborne MilSim is already working on expanding its courses to involve advanced free fall courses, and creating opportunities to work with event organizers and integrate Airborne MilSim operations into larger events around the nation. Meanwhile, graduates of the courses are always invited back to any other course to continue to jump and participate in the mil-sim event at a minimal cost.

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