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U.S. Government Warns Tourists of Terror Threats in Europe

By The rather vague increase in the terror alert level is intended to provide a blanket reference to the fact that recent intelligence suggests heightened activity among extremists and radicals working with al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Unfortunately for everyone involved, there is not any indication of when or where terrorists may plan…

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Taliban Launches Brazen Attacks on U.S. Base in Afghanistan

By Taliban forces are stepping up attacks on NATO forces and their support personnel as coalition forces prepare for a major offensive intended to secure the southern region of Afghanistan. Following a suicide attack on a NATO convoy on Tuesday, Taliban forces launched a pre-dawn raid on the U.S. base at Bagram, about 30…

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Planned Terrorist Attacks in Denmark Discovered and Avoided

By A planned terrorist attack that was to be carried out yesterday was discovered, possibly just hours before it was to have been perpetrated, by police in Sweden and Denmark. Police in those countries arrested five men they claim had planned to open fire on people in a Copenhagen building that was home to…

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