Keynote Speakers for upcoming HALO Summit 2012

Keynote Speakers for upcoming HALO Summit 2012

Here are a list of keynote speakers confirmed for the event.

KEYNOTE General Michael Hayden (Ret.)

Principal, Chertoff Group

Government Service:

  • Director, Central Intelligence Agency (2006 – 2009)
  • First Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence (2005 – 2008)
  • Director, National Security Agency (1999 – 2005)

As Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, General Hayden was responsible for overseeing the collection of information concerning the plans, intentions and capabilities of America’s adversaries; producing timely analysis for decision makers; and conducting covert operations to thwart terrorists and other enemies of the US.

At Chertoff Group, General Hayden will use his broad geographic and political knowledge to brief clients on intelligence matters worldwide – including developments in cybersecurity – that may affect their businesses.

“The best defense is knowing what your enemies are up to, before they know you know it. For today’s CEOs,” he adds, “there is also the challenge of figuring out who and where your enemies are.”

Before becoming Director of the CIA, General Hayden served as the country’s first Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence – and was the highest-ranking intelligence office in the armed forces. Earlier, he served as Commander of the Air Intelligence Agency, Director of the Joint Command and Control Warfare Center, Director of the National Security Agency and Chief of the Central Security Service.

General Hayden graduated from Duquesne University with a bachelor’s degree in history in 1967 and a master’s degree in modern American history in 1969. He was a distinguished graduate of the university’s ROTC program, and began his active military service in 1969. He also did postgraduate work at the Defense Intelligence School conducted by the Defense Intelligence Agency.

KEYNOTE Deputy Chief Michael Downing

Deputy Chief and Commanding Officer, Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau, LAPD Deputy Chief Michael P. Downing is the Commanding Officer, Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau where he leads five operational divisions: Major Crimes Division, Emergency Services Division, Metropolitan Division, Air Support Division, and Emergency Operations Division.  These divisions include the Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Section, Criminal Investigative Section, Organized Crime, Surveillance Section, Hazardous Devices Section, Operation Archangel, LAX Bomb K-9 Section, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Mounted Unit, Underwater Dive Team, and Emergency Preparedness and Response.  Deputy Chief Downing is also a member of the Executive Board of the Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC).

Deputy Chief Downing was appointed to the Los Angeles Police Department in April 1982 and progressed through the ranks, promoting to Sergeant in 1987, Lieutenant in 1991, Captain in 1996, Commander in April 2005, and Deputy Chief in April 2007.

As the Commanding Officer, Hollywood Community Police Station, from July 1999 to April 2005, then Captain Downing led a command of 300 sworn and 40 civilian personnel providing service to a diverse residential population that exceeded 300,000 with an area that span 17.2 square miles.

Upon being promoted to Commander in April 2005, Deputy Chief Downing was assigned as the Assistant Commanding Officer, Operations-South Bureau, a command serving nearly 700,000 people, 4 service Areas, and 1,200 police officers in South Los Angeles.  In this capacity he oversaw patrol operations, detectives, vice, and the administration of Bureau operations.

Since his assignment to Counter-Terrorism April 2006, Deputy Chief Downing has worked with the New Scotland Yard’s Metropolitan Police Counter-Terrorism Command SO 15 during an eight-week attachment.  Deputy Chief Downing has testified before Congressional subcommittees relative to intelligence, homeland security and information sharing.  In April 2010, Chief Downing served as a member of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council working group on developing a national strategy for countering violent extremism.  He is a strong advocate of State and Local law enforcement agencies relative to a more integrated National Intelligence Enterprise.

In October 2009, Deputy Chief Downing was appointed as the Interim Police Chief for the Los Angeles Police Department until the permanent Police Chief was appointed in November 2009.

As of May 2010, Chief Downing was elected the President of the Leadership in Counter-Terrorism (LinCT) Alumni Association.  This association is working with alumni from the FBI’s LinCT Program to develop a global enterprise of networked counter-terrorism practitioners from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Deputy Chief Downing has also worked with the Department of Justice, traveling to South America, Africa, Turkey, and Poland in an effort to transition large national police organizations into democratic civilian policing models.

Deputy Chief Downing attended the University of Southern California where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration in 1982 and completed POST Command College in 1997, the FBI’s Leadership in Counter-Terrorism (LinCT) in 2008, and the Post Naval Graduate Executive Program in 2009.  He is currently a senior fellow at the George Washington University Homeland Security Institute.

KEYNOTE (Invited) Governor Janice K. Brewer

Governor of Arizona Janice K. Brewer took the oath of office as Governor of Arizona on January 21, 2009, upon the resignation of then-Governor Janet Napolitano, inheriting one of the worst fiscal crises in the country for any state. And, she was again sworn in on January 3, 2011, following a convincing election in her own right, in November 2010.

She took decisive action to turn the situation around with a keen grasp of state budget issues from her past service in the Legislature, including in Senate leadership. And, this was not the first time she was called upon to turn around a fiscal mess.

As a newly elected member of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in 1997, she encountered a local government bogged down so deep in debt that it was using short-term borrowing just to meet cash flow. At the end of Brewer’s tenure in 2002, Maricopa County’s financial turnaround was so dramatic that Governing Magazine proclaimed it as “one of the two best managed large counties in the nation.”

Jan Brewer moved to Arizona 40 years ago after marrying Glendale native, John Brewer. She and John raised their three sons in Glendale and have lived in the same house since the mid-1970s.

Governor Brewer has seen Arizona grow and prosper — and she knows as the state goes through its economic peaks and valleys, it always emerges stronger.

To lessen the economic swings, she knows Arizona needs to take decisive action to diversify its economy with higher paying jobs and a reformed education system. She also knows that Arizona’s future depends on a secure border and a functioning immigration system.

Governor Brewer has laid a firm foundation for Arizona’s comeback. Commenting in her 2010 State of State address, she said difficult times “are filled with hope and opportunity. We are a young state. Arizona’s best days are still to come if we make the right decisions. They are what the future requires.”

KEYNOTE Alejandro Poiré Romero

Secretary of the Interior, Mexico
Former Director-General, Ministry of Public Safety
Former Director, Center for Research and National Security Former Chairman, House Armed Services CommitteeDr. Alejandro Poiré Romero was appointed Secretary of the Interior by President Felipe Calderón on 17 November 2011. Dr. Poiré holds a BA in Political Science from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) and PhD in Political Science from Harvard University.

In the academic sphere, he has directed the Political Science Department at ITAM and been a professor and researcher at Harvard University. He has published various studies on democratization, public opinion and political parties in books and specialized journals as well as giving conferences at universities in Mexico, the US, Latin America and Europe. As a civil servant, Dr. Poiré served as Executive Director of Prerogatives and Parties in the Federal Electoral Institute from 2003 to 2005.

In the current administration, he has held the posts of Director General of Political Analysis of the President’s Office and in the Secretariat of the Interior, he has served as Commissioner for Political Development, Coordinator of Advisors to the Interior Secretary and Under-Secretary of Population, Migration and Religious Affairs.

He was appointed Technical Secretary of the National Security Council and Cabinet as well as Spokesman for the National Security Strategy, and was responsible for following up on, promoting and ensuring compliance with the agreements established in the Council, an organization that sets the policy guidelines for National Security. He also contributed to the coordination of the offices comprising the Security Cabinet in order to meet the objectives of the Strategy. At the same time, his function as Spokesman was to improve communication by Federal Government by setting up a coordination and command center for information and dissemination policies, with a systematic, integral perspective. On 9 September 2011, he was appointed Director General of the Center for Investigation and National Security, a post he held until 17 November 2011 when he was appointed Secretary of the Interior.

Noteworthy are his contributions to publications on Mexico’s democratic process, including: Towards Mexico’s Democratization: Parties, Campaigns, Elections, and Public Opinion and Mexico’s Pivotal Democratic Election.

Robert Almonté

US Marshal Robert Almonte was sworn in as the United States Marshal for the Western District of Texas on June 2, 2010. As a lifelong El Pasoan with nearly 25 years of service in the El Paso Police Department, he spent the majority of his career in narcotics investigations and retired as Deputy Chief of the Department in 2003. As a Deputy Chief and Commander with the EPPD, he championed innovative programs like the Hotel/Motel Narcotics Interdiction Unit and the West Texas HIDTA Stash House Task Force, both of which yielded successful apprehensions, through community policing initiatives and earned the Task Force the 2000 White House Office of the National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) award for “Outstanding HIDTA Interdiction Unit.” Marshal Almonte is one of the foremost authorities on the investigation of narcotics cases and has spent much time and research on how Mexican drug traffickers subscribe to a unique “spiritual world” they believe aides them in their trafficking efforts and protects them from law enforcement. Marshal Almonte graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Park University.

Remy Baumgarten

Security Developer & researcher, ANRCMr. Remy Baumgarten is a security developer and researcher for ANRC, a fast growing market leader in computer security training and consulting. He is highly skilled in reverse engineering and malware analysis on various platforms including Windows, OSX, Linux and iOS. He is also a low level programmer on various platforms.

Before joining ANRC, Mr. Baumgarten was a Technical Lead on the Malware Team and the mobile expert on iOS at Booz Allen Hamilton. In his spare time he enjoys delving into various architectures such as AVR, ARM and x86_64.

Tony Blauer

Founder & CEO, Blauer Tactical Confrontation Management SystemsTony Blauer is founder and CEO of Blauer Tactical Confrontation Management Systems©. Mr. Blauer has pioneered research and training methodologies that have influenced and inspired martial art & combative systems around the world. His company, Blauer Tactical Systems (BTS) is now one of the world’s leading consulting firms specializing in research & development of combative training & equipment for the military, law enforcement and self-defense communities. BTS has taught key performance enhancement, fear management, and combatives based on S.P.E.A.R. System research to military, law enforcement and civilian personnel since 1988.

With over 20 years professional consulting experience, Blauer Tactical Systems is highly sought out by progressive trainers interested in advanced scenario work, close quarter tactics, mind-set and confrontation management psychology. The Blauer team has had the privilege and honor of consulting for elite elements within the federal government like U.S. Army Special Forces & Special Operations, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy SEALs, Federal Air Marshal Service, U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Energy, Secret Service, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and U.S. Marshals.

Lauri Burgett

Lieutenant, Home Invasion Kidnapping Unit, Phoenix Police DepartmentMrs. Lauri Burgett is a 25-year veteran of the Phoenix Police Department. Lauri is currently assigned as the Phoenix Home Invasion Kidnapping Unit Lieutenant. The Home Invasion Kidnapping Enforcement (HIKE) Unit has received national attention for their law enforcement efforts investigating violent crimes with a connection to drug trafficking and human smuggling. The HIKE Unit is responsible for the investigation of violence related to human smuggling, ransom kidnappings, home invasions, and gun crimes. The high number of incidents occurring in Phoenix puts HIKE in the spotlight of the secondary effects of the drug wars in Mexico. HIKE leads local, state, and federal agencies using intelligence and proactive enforcement to combat and successfully identify, arrest, dismantle and prosecute organized cells operating in Phoenix. The HIKE Task Force began in July 2008 and has seen outstanding success in arrests, prosecutions, and sentencing. Mrs. Burgett is an adjunct faculty member of the Maricopa County Community Colleges. She has experience in patrol, Street Crimes, Proactive Directed Patrol, Drug Enforcement, Training Bureau, Media Relations, ATF Gun Squad, and Assaults.

Joe Butta

Threat Analyst for the Interagency OPSEC Support Staff, Washington, DCMr. Butta began his service with the United States Government in 1986 as an investigator for the Department of Defense. After five years, he entered a government internship that focused on issues in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Balkans. Mr. Butta graduated from this program in 1995. Joe spent approximately five years with NATO’s Southern Command in support of allied operations in the Balkans. He then spent three years preparing Concept of Operations (CONOPs) for US war fighters deploying in support of operations in the Middle East and South Asia. Currently, Joe works as a Threat Analyst for the Interagency OPSEC Support Staff in Washington, DC.

Wes Doss, PhD

AuthorWes is an internationally recognized firearms, tactics, and use of force instructor with over 28 years of military and civilian criminal justice experience, as well as significant operational time with both military and law enforcement tactical and protective service organizations. Wes holds specialized instructor certifications from the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps, Arizona POST, the Smith & Wesson Academy, the Sigarms Academy, the NRA LEAD, and FEMA.

Wes has studied adult education and human performance extensively and has a broad background in the martial arts, with over 25 years of training, teaching, and competitive full contact fighting experience. Wes is the founder, President, and General Operating Manager of Khyber Interactive Associates, LLC and the Annual 1 Inch to 100 Yards Warrior Conference. Wes holds a Masters degree in Criminal Justice Administration and a PhD in Psychology. Wes is a member of a number of professional associations, including: The International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI), The American Society of Law Enforcement Training (ASLET), The National Rifle Association (NRA), The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), The Military Police Regimental Association (MPRA), and the International Association of Counter Terrorism and Security Professionals (IACTSP).

Wes is also a published author, with numerous articles in various publications, such as; SWAT magazine, ASLET “The Trainer”, and The NTOA “Tactical Edge”. Wes is also the author of the bestselling books “Train to Win”, and “Condition to Win” both training psychology/philosophy books focused on law enforcement and military trainers and professionals. Wes’s third book “Inside the Gap” is a psychological exploration of the close quarters environment and methods to train for them, its due for release in winter of 2013.

Greg Ferency (ITOTA)

Senior Editor, SWAT DigestThe (International Tactical Officers Training Association) ITOTA is an international association designed to offer quality professional training and information sharing. The ITOTA recognizes the need to expand and share tactical knowledge by focusing on the wealth of experience that exists in the global tactical community.

Ken Good

Co-founder Combative Concepts Inc. & AuthorMr. Ken Good, a former Naval Special Warfare operator, specializes in doctrine of small unit tactics, communication procedures, use of weapons, demolition techniques, employment of pyrotechnics, and land, sea, and airborne operations. Following his active-duty commitment, Mr. Good spent the next 10 years directing anti-terrorism, physical security, small arms, and small caliber weapons programs for the Department of the Navy (DON).

After his time with the DON he co-founded Combative Concepts Inc. This company aggressively sought to develop strategies, principles, tactics, and techniques that prevail in actual combat. Combative Concepts Inc. constantly evaluated its own curriculum based on real-world experience and constant feedback, which was relentlessly refined and tested in a variety of environments across a broad spectrum of operators.

As a natural outgrowth of Combative Concepts Inc., Mr. Good at the request of John Matthews (owner of Surefire) became the founding director of the Surefire Institute, a well-known low-light training institution staffed by former military and law enforcement personnel and supported by an extensive adjunct staff from around the country. Using the concepts and lessons learned through the DON programs and Combative Concepts Inc., this Institute focused on the issues associated with prevailing in low-light environments but regularly addressed the full-spectrum of CQC. This program was unique for its time as there was no formal training addressing this particular arena. The Institute was quite successful and remains in operation today. This division was instrumental in influencing the development of many of the Surefire’s products as well as codifying doctrine current in use throughout law enforcement and military circles.

After leaving the Surefire Institute in May of 2002, Mr. Good founded another tactical training company, Strategos International. The mission was to provide armed professionals with the highest-quality training possible as well as the appropriate field-tested products to prevail in stressful conditions. Today, Strategos International offers training courses that are a wise investment for serious operators.

Ioan Grillo

AuthorIoan Grillo has covered organized crime in Mexico for more than a decade. He has worked with media outlets including Time Magazine, CNN, the Associated Press, Houston Chronicle, ABC and many more. His first book, El Narco: Inside Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency was released in October 2011. He is originally from Brighton, England and has a graduate degree in history and politics from the University of Kent.

John Guzman

Polygraph Examiner and Behavioral Analysus InterviewerJohn J. Guzman graduated from St. Xavier University with a BS in Social Sciences and received a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections from Chicago State University. After attending the Reid College he was employed by Robert E. Cummins, Inc. as a polygraph examiner and behavioral analysis interviewer. Mr. Guzman worked in the private sector administering polygraph examinations and conducting interrogations until he accepted a position with the Chicago Police Department. While working with the department, he continued to conduct polygraph examinations as a consultant for Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates.

Mr. Guzman was assigned as a uniformed patrol officer until he became a member of the elite Special Operations Group and Gang Crime Unit of the Chicago Police Department. His assignments included uniform patrol and plainclothes tactical operations. He was then promoted to the rank of Gang Crime Specialist and has investigated gang-related criminal activity, including homicides, drive-by shootings, and narcotics trafficking. Mr. Guzman has qualified as an expert witness and has lectured on street gangs before national gang conferences, law enforcement agencies, neighborhood groups and civic organizations. Mr. Guzman wrote the Gang Reference Book for the Chicago Police Department and was a gang awareness instructor for the department.

After retiring from the Chicago Police Department, Mr. Guzman moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico and continued his law enforcement career by joining the New Mexico Mounted Patrol as a trooper. He was promoted to Lieutenant where his duties include uniformed patrol, special investigations and training. Mr. Guzman was elected to the Board of Trustees for the New Mexico Crime Prevention Association and belongs to the following professional organizations: National Major Gang Task Force, International Association of Latino Gang Investigators, ILEETA, and the New Mexico Sheriffs and Police Association.

Chris Hadnagy

Lead Developer, & Professional Social Engineering Penetration TesterChris Hadnagy, aka loganWHD, has been involved with computers and technology for over 14 years. Presently his focus is on the “human” aspect of technology such as social engineering and physical security. Chris has spent time in providing training in many topics around the globe and also has had many articles published in local, national and international magazines and journals.

Chris is a student of Paul Ekman’s training classes on Microexpressions and has spent time learning and educating others on the values of nonverbal communications. He has combined what he learned with years of experience in a new research he has called Neuro-Linguistic Hacking (NLH) that combines nonverbal communications as well as the principles of the controversial study on NLP to influence other peoples’ emotions.

He is the lead developer of Social-Engineer.Org and a professional Social Engineering Penetration Tester. Chris can be found online at, twitter as @humanhacker.

Paul Hagerty

Senior Special AgentATF Senior Special Agent (SS/A) Hagerty has been in law enforcement since 1975, starting as a deputy sheriff and with the last 23 years with ATF in a various assignments in a variety of locales including Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego and eight years in remote/rural offices. Since 1992, SS/A Hagerty has worked joint investigations in Mexico and instructed allied partners from over twenty countries. In undercover roles on hundreds of occasions SS/A Hagerty purchased machine-guns, silencers as an international arms broker and negotiated the sales of all types of firearms as a member of the sales staff in various retail gun stores, importers and factories. In executing over 100 search warrants he has found in excess of 100,000 firearms and seized over 1,000 illegal machine-guns. SS/A Hagerty’s most recent, previous assignment was ATF’s Office of Strategic Intelligence and Information specializing in International Firearms Trafficking and also works as an international liaison and instructor with allied countries in North and Central Americas. SS/A Hagerty’s current assignment is on the California DoJ Firearms Trafficking Task Force based in San Diego, CA.

Melesio Hernandez

Country Attaché, United States Marshals Service, Mexico City Foreign Field OfficeServed seven [7] years on active duty in the US Air Force from 1985 to 1992 on a combat mobility team made up of highly trained Security Forces personnel. He served overseas in the Republic of South Korea and the Persian Gulf. He also served in support of Operation Desert Storm. He began his career in the U.S. Border Patrol in 1992 and was assigned to the Campo station of the San Diego Border Patrol Sector. In 1995, he established a new record for the largest cocaine seizure in San Diego Border Patrol Sector history by discovering 1488 pounds of the drug concealed in two hidden compartments on two separate commercial trucks. He resigned from the Border Patrol in 1997 to accept a position with the U.S. Marshals Service.

He began his career with the USMS in the District of Puerto Rico. In 1998 he was transferred to the El Centro office of the Southern District of California as a criminal investigator specializing in fugitive investigations. In 2007, he was promoted to the grade of Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal. In 2008 and 2009, Country Attache [CA] Hernandez was the Acting Country Attache for the U.S. Marshals Service at the U.S. Embassy in Bogota, Colombia specializing in the area of international fugitive investigations. In June 2010 CA Hernandez was promoted to the position of Deputy Country Attache for the U.S. Marshals Service at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City. In July 2011, he was promoted to the Country Attache position where he supervises a staff of sixteen [16] employees, an annual operating budget of over 5 million dollars, and approximately 1100 active fugitive cases in the Republic of Mexico wanted in the United States for homicide, sex offenses, and narcotics trafficking.

Natasha Herzig

AdvocateMrs. Herzig reveals the events that led to her kidnapping, resulting in 10 months in the sex trade as a high-end escort before her successful escape. Mrs. Herzig details how the US sex trade functions, the methods used to prey on unsuspecting victims, and how this experience led her to make other choices in life. This survivor’s tale is an eye-opening account of the life of a sex slave, heightens awareness of the sex trade industry, and details the warning signs displayed by victims.

She has also created 12 Steps To A Victim’s Recovery that covers the broad spectrum of individuals victimized by crime. Key topics include:

  • America’s Most Wanted DVD Introduction
  • Natasha’s Story: Kidnapping, Sex Trafficking, Rescue, and Life After Trafficking
  • Brainwashing Techniques Used by Traffickers
  • Behavior Exhibited by Victims / Understanding this Behavior
  • Helpful Techniques for Use in the Investigative Process
  • Law Enforcement Missed Opportunities
  • Key Phrases / Establishing Trust with the Victim
  • 12 Stages to the Victim’s Recovery

Carl R. Hospedales

AuthorA 30+ years of experience and training within the Military, Special Operations, (British Armed Forces) Tactical Law Enforcement and Executive Corporate Security group of occupations and Emergency Planning & Response, from Europe, North America, and Middle East to the Far East providing a multi-cultural awareness, team building and training in analytical, problem solving. These include Security & Aviation Operations, Close Protection, Intelligence, Training, Development and Management. Security Clearances included UK Top Secret and a Transport Canada Aviation Transportation Security Clearance, and from an extensive security career held positions with discretionary responsibilities – Technical Support, Strategy planning, Program development, Support services and Protective Security Detail.

Position’s Held with UK, US & Canadian Government and NGO Include:

  • Security Trainer / Advisor / Technical Field Support
  • Security Operations Manager / Supervisor
  • Security Program Development & Implementation
  • Flight Operations Manager

Co authored a book 2009 on Combating Terrorism in the USA. Publication in police & security professional journals and news papers, both nationally and internationally, with articles written on Terrorism, WMD, Body Armour and Firearms. Technical advisor to New York Times 2007 bestselling author Brad Thor acknowledged in his book “Takedown”, “The Apostle” and “Foreign Influence” in 2010.

Chappie Hunter

Vice Unit, San Diego Police, Member of the San Diego County Innocence Lost Task ForceMr. Hunter has been a San Diego Police Officer for seventeen-years. He is currently assigned to the Vice Unit and a member of the San Diego County Innocence Lost Task Force. His prior assignments include Field Training Officer, SWAT, SWAT Sniper, Gang Suppression Team, Beach Enforcement Team, and Arson Strike Team. He has been an instructor on various topics to include Officer Involved Shootings, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Ethics, and First Aid.

Over the years, Mr. Hunter has accumulated a tremendous amount of expertise in the common practices and operations of the local prostitution trade. He has cultivated outstanding professional relationships nationwide with law enforcement, state and federal prosecutors, social workers, educational administrators, and counselors. These valuable contacts provide for a effective approach to the eradication of domestic human trafficking and juvenile prostitution.

Mr. Hunter works in an undercover capacity on a weekly basis and has obtained solicitations for prostitution from hundreds of prostitutes while posing as a customer. He conducted surveillance of pimps and prostitutes working various tracks throughout San Diego County, Orange County and Los Angeles County on numerous occasions. He has conducted field interviews and criminal interrogations, as well as made numerous arrests related to the sex trade. He is a federal and state court Subject Matter Expert in the field of Domestic Human Trafficking.

In February 2009, Mr. Hunter developed the first Domestic Human Trafficking training course for San Diego County Law Enforcement. The course is geared towards educating police officers about Domestic Human Trafficking. He has given over 100 presentations throughout Southern California since the course’s inception. In March 2010, Mr. Hunter was a Subject Matter Expert on the curriculum development for the California State Wide Law Enforcement Training on Human Trafficking by P.O.S.T. In July 2010, Mr. Hunter was a Subject Matter Expert on the continued curriculum development for the California State Wide Law Enforcement Training on Human Trafficking of Minors by the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force & P.O.S.T.

Sylvia Longmire

Author, Correspondent & Retired Air Force Captain & Former Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special InvestigationMs. Longmire is a [medically] retired Air Force Captain and former Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. During her eight years with AFOSI, she conducted numerous criminal investigations and worked extensively in the fields of counterintelligence, counterespionage, and force protection. During her last assignment, Ms. Longmire worked at HQ AFOSI as the Latin America desk officer, analyzing issues in the US Southern Command area of responsibility that might affect the security of deployed Air Force personnel. From Dec 2005-Jul 2009, Sylvia worked as a Senior Intelligence Analyst for the California State Fusion Center and the California Emergency Management Agency’s Situational Awareness Unit, focusing almost exclusively on Mexican drug trafficking organizations and southwest border violence issues. For the last six years, she has regularly lectured on terrorism in Latin America at the Air Force Special Operations School’s Dynamics of International Terrorism course. She holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of South Florida in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, with a focus on the Cuban and Guatemalan revolutions.

Ms. Longmire has been published in Henley-Putnam University’s Journal of Strategic Security, as well as in the Journal of Energy Security. Her writing has also been featured in Homeland Security Today magazine, which includes Creativity in a Bad Cause (March 2011), Hitting the Narcos at Home (October 2010), and Al Capone’s Lessons for Today’s Cartels (December 2009). Ms. Longmire has been interviewed extensively by national, international, local, and Internet news outlets, including Geraldo at Large on Fox News Channel, CNN International, CNN México, AOL News, BBC Radio, the Miami Herald, and the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Ms. Longmire is currently an independent consultant and freelance writer, and is an ASBPE award-winning correspondent for Homeland Security Today magazine and website. She is also on the Board of Advisors for Stanford University’s non-profit organization Love Thy Neighbor, Mexico. Her first book, Cartel: The Coming Invasion of Mexico’s Drug Wars (Palgrave Macmillan), was published in September 2011, and has been nominated for a Los Angeles Times Book Prize. Ms. Longmire provides services as an expert witness for Mexican immigration and asylum request cases.

  • Owner, Longmire Consulting  (773) 340-3780
  • Author of Cartel: The Coming Invasion of Mexico’s Drug Wars Available now on!
  • “Mexico’s Drug War” An ongoing analysis of southwest border violence issues by an experienced intelligence professional.
  • Correspondent for Homeland Security Today Magazine and Website

Douglas A. Ollivant

Senior National Security Fellow, New America FoundationHe most recently spent one year as the Senior Counterinsurgency Advisor to the Commander, Regional Command-East at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan, returning to Washington this spring. Mr. Ollivant is a recently retired Army officer whose last duty assignment was as Director for Iraq at the National Security Council during both the Bush and Obama administrations. Reporting to the Deputy National Security Advisor for Iraq and Afghanistan, he was responsible for coordinating all aspects of security and coalition operations among diverse government agencies, including the orderly disbanding of the Iraq coalition, coordinating the plan for “change of mission” in August of 2010, and the transfer of police training responsibilities from the Department of Defense to the Department of State.

Prior to his posting at the White House, Mr. Ollivant served in Iraq as the Chief of Plans for MultiNational Division Baghdad in 2006-2007. During this time he led the planning team that designed the Baghdad Security Plan, the main effort of what later became known as the “Surge.” Mr. Ollivant was also a key player in the establishment of the “Sons of Iraq” in Baghdad province and was identified as a member of General Petraeus’ “brain trust.” He also served an earlier tour in Iraq as a Battalion Operations Officer and is a veteran of the battles of Najaf Cemetery and Second Fallujah.

Mr. Ollivant holds an earned doctorate from Indiana University, is a graduate of the U.S. Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies and has written essays and book reviews on a wide variety of topics. He is a frequent television commentator on defense and Middle East issues. A life member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Political Science Association, he advises a number of companies on strategy and political risk.

Kathy Hibbs Pherson

CEO, Pherson Associates, LLCKatherine Hibbs Pherson, Chief Executive Officer of Pherson Associates, teaches advanced analytic techniques to intelligence analysts in the intelligence, law enforcement, and homeland security communities. Ms. Pherson is a consultant to government and private industry on building analytic communities, use of structured analytic techniques, and security issues. She also serves as CEO of the non-profit Forum Foundation for Analytic Excellence and President of Globalytica, LLC. Ms. Pherson in 2000 retired from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after a 27-year career in intelligence and security analysis and resource management. Her leadership in the security arena led to the adoption of a risk management methodology, the strengthening and the implementation of overseas security countermeasures, and improvements in dealing with unsolicited contacts. As head of the Director of Central Intelligence’s (DCI) Center for Security Evaluation, she managed the Intelligence Community’s involvement in rebuilding the penetrated US Embassy in Moscow. Ms. Pherson received her A.B. in Hispanic Studies from Vassar College, an M.A. in Spanish Linguistics and Latin American Studies from the University of Illinois, and an M.A. in Communications from the University of Oklahoma. She is a recipient of the CIA’s Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal and the Intelligence Community’s National Distinguished Service Medal.

Randolph H. Pherson

President, Pherson Associates, LLCRandolph H. Pherson, President of Pherson Associates, LLC teaches critical thinking skills and advanced analytic tools and techniques to analysts throughout the Intelligence Community, in the private sector and overseas. He co-authored with Richards J. Heuer, Jr. Structured Analytic Techniques for Intelligence Analysis and a second book, Case Studies in Intelligence Analysis: Structured Analytic Techniques in Action with Sarah Miller Beebe that was published in December 2011. Mr. Pherson collaborated with Richards J. Heuer, Jr. in developing and launching the Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH) software tool. He is also President of the Forum Foundation for Analytic Excellence and CEO of Globalytica, LLC. Globalytica has developed a suite of collaborative, web-based software tools, including the Multiple Hypotheses GeneratorTM, Te@mACHTM, and the Indicators ValidatorTM. Mr. Pherson completed a 28-year career with the Intelligence Community in 2000, last serving as National Intelligence Officer (NIO) for Latin America. Previously at the CIA, he managed the production of intelligence analysis on topics ranging from global instability to Latin America, served on the Inspector General’s staff, and developed and implemented a strategic planning process for the agency. He is the recipient of the Distinguished Intelligence Medal for his service as NIO for Latin America and the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal. Mr. Pherson received his B.A. from Dartmouth College and an M.A. in International Relations from Yale University.

Dr. Steven Phillips

Director, Specialized Information Services, and Associate Director, National Library of Medicine (NLM), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Department of Health & Human ServicesSteven J. Phillips, M.D. is the Director, Specialized Information Services, and Associate Director, National Library of Medicine (NLM), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Department of Health & Human Services. He is leading the effort to establish a Disaster Information Management Research Center at the NLM. This Center, totally devoted to disaster informatics, is the first of its kind in the world.

Dr. Phillips is a graduate of Hobart College and Tufts Medical School. He is board certified both in general and thoracic surgery. He co-founded the Iowa Heart Center that has grown to 58 physicians all specializing in cardiovascular disease. In 1974 he pioneered techniques for emergency coronary bypass surgery for evolving heart attacks implanted the first artificial heart in Iowa, performed the first heart transplant in central Iowa, and invented the technology for percutaneous cardiopulmonary bypass. He has been the principle investigator for numerous research projects.

In 1997 Dr. Phillips was interviewed by the White House search committee for the position of Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. On October 7, 1998, he was invited to testify before the Full Committee on Commerce as a witness on the Implementation of the Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act of 1997.

Dr. Phillips was a member of the Board of Regents of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) from 1993-97 and the 1997 Board Chair. From 1999-2001 He served as the full time Deputy to the Director for Research and Education at the NLM, NIH.

Dr. Phillips served twice in Vietnam and retired from the USAR as a LTC. in 1993. He is a life member of the 101st Airborne Association and an Associate Life member of the UDT/SEAL Association. He is past president of the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs, Society of Cardiac Surgeons of Spain, and of the Polk County Medical Society, Iowa. He is a member of the NIH alumni association, AATS, STS, ASAIO, ACC, ACS and EACTS medical societies. He has approximately 125 medical publications and has been granted 6 patents.

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