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Combatives Control

by Stone There are literally hundreds of techniques for knife and firearm retention and disarming. However, few teach their students to understand the body mechanics behind them. Understanding the body mechanics allows the student to maximize the technique based on their strengths and weaknesses. Instead, the instructor either doesn't know themselves, doesn't realize how important this information is, or they don't want to give away the secrets to combatives. First of all every body is built differently enough that no one technique will work for everyone. However, body mechanics is common among every body type. So consider the following concepts: 1. Center Line....

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One grenade, two grenades, 6 grenades more!

One grenade, two grenades, 6 grenades more! By: Gary C. Williams 18 Feb 2015 What could be better than tagging your MilSim friends with a big blast of bbs? How about six blasts in rapid succession?!  We got an opportunity to try out ICS’s Multi-shot Grenade Launcher (MGL) with long metal rails, the ICS-192 MGL to be exact.   There is nothing like six blasts, one right after the other, for the ultimate form of suppression fire!  The ICS’s MGLs are almost Identical to Milkor USA’s M32A1 Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher, and was recently re-tooled to accommodate new munitions.  Shown here is the ICS-192 MGL...

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Coffee and C4: An AAR of Blacksheep At Shelby 2015


1200: While absurdly unpleasant, that was my drink of choice at Shelby ’15. C4 preworkout powder mixed with only the strongest coffee that the guys at Blacksheep could supply. It kept the blood flowing. At night, the temperature was to be in the high twenties with wind chill, and lower thirties inside the concrete buildings. It was going to be cold and sucky. But we loved it. We made our infil at 1230 after the Saturday morning...

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