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Tactical MilSim Magazine offers reviews of  mil-sim technology and tactical gear, comprehensive technical reviews, and inspirational stories, as well as tips and tricks from the veterans who have “been there and done that.” No other mil-sim publication today—either online or in print—can compete with the level of experience and training in the subject of tactical simulation from the professionals who lived it.


One of these bags is not like the others.

The Not an Ordinary Range Bag or N.O.R.B. is just that… Not very ordinary!  Most range bags are made for men and are either of a tactical or giant container nature, with little thought to functionality.  We like large compartments, and many side pockets, to put all...

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TEA Headsets, HTH Tier 1


HTH Tier 1 By: Thomas Dixon

Photography provided by: TEA Headsets     

     Communications gear is something most don’t focus on unless you are LEO or Military. You’re average...

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PHOENIX INFINITAM LLC. Rising from the ashes...

Phoenix Infinitam Logo Red

Every year I pick a company to focus on. This year I think it’s going to be PHOENIX INFINITAM LLC., or as I will call them for the rest of this article PI. The name is a mouthful and unless you...

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