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Rockwell Tactical - Get Your Head in the Game

By Tom Leitner

Over the last few weeks I started getting the itch to get out and do some high speed training again, as I am wont to do, and started searching my area for the best it had to offer. After a few days of researching my area, I stumbled onto Rockwell Tactical at a local gun show, and became intrigued. Their presence stuck out, but not in a flashy “look at me!” way, but in a way that was immediately noticeable yet humbled at the same time. So I took to talking to Jared Ross, one of the...

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High Caliber Protection

High Caliber Protection; A Look at Tactical and Covert Armor by Tom Bowman sg2Tactical body armor is seen as the ultimate protection; the vision of SWAT teams ably dealing with extreme threats is one that resonates with anyone looking for protection. It is true that tactical body armor can offer a great deal of protection and protect against some very strong attacks. However, many do not realize that all ballistic protection is graded according to the ammunition it can stop, and this is still true with tactical armor. Bullet resistant vests are tested...

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Combatives Control

by Stone There are literally hundreds of techniques for knife and firearm retention and disarming. However, few teach their students to understand the body mechanics behind them. Understanding the body mechanics allows the student to maximize the technique based on their strengths and weaknesses. Instead, the instructor either doesn't know themselves, doesn't realize how important this information is, or they don't want to give away the secrets to combatives. First of all every body is built differently enough that no one technique will work for everyone. However, body mechanics is common among every body type. So consider the following concepts: 1. Center Line....

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