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Let it Rain!

Black Rain Ordnance By: Gary Williams 26 Nov 2014   Here in Arizona, rain is always a good thing but when it’s a Black Rain, it’s even better!  A few months ago, TacSim Media Group took possession of a Black Rain Ordnance’s D.I gas PG-9 rifle with the NORGUARD finish.  This is by far the nicest looking rifle we’ve reviewed to date and the first AR that didn’t start out mostly with a black finish.  But don’t be fooled as I initially was, that the Black Rain Ordnance (BRO) is not just another pretty face, it has what it...

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How bad do you want to be?!

By: Gary C. Williams 24 Nov 2014


Bad is such a universally used word.  Bad can mean either ends of the spectrum or even everything in-between.  Rangers, DELTA and SEALs are bad, meaning they are the best of the best bad asses; or it can be used as in Justin Bieber is bad.  Or as in this case it can mean great, as in Bad in Bad Company Tactical (BCT)!  A great company with new innovative products that many people have not heard about…. Yet!  Their new product line, that I think many people...

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Nostalgia Kills.



By Thomas C. Leitner Nostalgia kills. HSGI and a few other companies have started pushing M81 (AKA NATO Woodland) camouflage patterns recently, and most everyone is really excited that this "highly effective" pattern is making a comeback. Thing is, it's not highly effective at all, it falls just above UCP (ACU) and Digital Tiger Stripe in terms of effectiveness in just about every environment test......at the bottom. These same tests also show that just plain Olive Drab works a good deal better...

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