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Tactical MilSim Magazine offers reviews of  mil-sim technology and tactical gear, comprehensive technical reviews, and inspirational stories, as well as tips and tricks from the veterans who have “been there and done that.” No other mil-sim publication today—either online or in print—can compete with the level of experience and training in the subject of tactical simulation from the professionals who lived it.


TYR Group 3 Day Combat Tracking



By: Thomas Dixon

Photography Provided by: John Hurth & TYR Group,LLC.

"For there is no greater thrill than the hunting of man"

Deep in the Kisatchie National Forest there is a place where people gather to...

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Leupold & Stevens Mark6 1-6x20MM M6C1




By: Thomas Dixon

Photography Provided by Various Sources

In the world of tactical and competition optics one name stands out more than most. That name is Leupold & Stevens. Founded in 1907 by Fred Leupold and his brother-in-law...

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TYR Group Combat Golok Designed and Built By Jeff Crowner Blades

Jeff 1

www.Jeffcrownerblades.com www.tyrgroupllc.com

By: Thomas Dixon

Photography Provided by Jeff Crowner & TYR Group,LLC.

"Function Over Form"

          The blade, one of man’s first tools; why do we call...

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